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Consolidation of DB instances

     Legacy database infrastructures often have  too many scattered DB instances . They may be e.g. remainders of

          past application components, unfinished projects etc. These database instances  cost money  in terms of

              license fees and operation costs.

 Cost reduction through less instances 
  • Multiple old DB nodes can be merged together to one highly-performant node 

  • Operation costs get lower

  • Backup & restore are simplified

 Consolidation of database versions 
  • Old DB clusters often contain more than one version of a legacy commercial DBMS

  • Such old systems suffer from high and growing costs

  • We help you to consolidate your DB versions to one version only

 Proper multi-tenancy 
  • While reducing costs by consolidating DBs, it is essential to  separate customer data  from each other in a clean way

  • Legacy multi-tenancy solutions, e.g. Virtual Private Database, can be implemented with Open Source by means of VIEWs

  • Auditing functions, e.g. the Audit plugin for MariaDB, can be used to make multi-tenancy accountable and compliant


 Simplification through modern replication  
  • Data transfer systems, e.g. in finance and telecommunications, can be cumbersome and difficult to maintain

  • Modern database replication solutions can offer a sound, clearly stratified data transfer chain

  • Proprietary data transfer solutions can be replaced by built-in DB replication mechanisms, thus reducing operation complexity and reducing costs

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