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     We empower your teams in order to maximize the benefit of Open Source database technology.

         Important target groups who benefit most are DBAs, Software Engineers and dedicated

              teams focused on migrating databases step-by-step.

 Training for DBA teams 
  • Proper administration and utilization of the Open Source DBMS, e.g. MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL

  • High Availability architectures

  • Best practices for daily troubleshooting

  • Performance tuning of database applications

 Training for Software Engineering teams 
  • Differences between legacy commercial DBMS and the new Open Source databases

  • Writing optimal DB queries

  • Software prototyping with Open Source DBMS

  • Automation of tests with specific DB focus

 Training for DB migration teams 
  • Selecting optimal candidate applications for migrating to Open Source DBs

  • Conduct of Migration Assessment

  • Management and streamlining of the migration process

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