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Cost reduction through migration

     Although technical innovation within Open Source has been very impressive,  reducing costs  is still a

         major driver for embracing Open Source in your database infrastructure.

             Here is how we - together - can facilitate your cost savings and, most of all, ensure the right approach also in business terms:

 Choice of technically viable candidates 
  • Highly automated, expert-driven analysis of your DB infrastructure

  • Migration Assessment

  • Proof of Concept of the recommended target architecture and migration concept

 Calculation of business case 
  • Cost comparison for legacy and new DB solutions

  • Help for and alignment with your accounting team

  • Clear decision support for your management

 Careful project conduct & management 
  • Highly automated migration steps

  • Specialized tooling

  • Data migration

  • Application & process migration

  • Quality gates with very strict quality criteria

 Ensuring migration benefit 
  • Controlling the entire migration process

  • Quick reaction to any relevant findings

  • Training of your team

  • Measuring the cost reduction afterwards

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