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High Availability

     For business continuity and compliance, maintaining a  redundant database cluster  is crucial.

          In the cloud, a systemically proper redundancy solution is essential in case of failure of a node.

              Mitigation of the  risk of transaction loss  is done by a  proper design  of your DB infrastructure.

We implement the solutions with native replication mechanisms and third-party tools:

 Control of DB clusters & automatic failovers 
  • Using multiple gateways: Virtual IP , HAproxy, ProxySQL, MaxScale, Consul

  • Signal 18 Replication Manager for MySQL / MariaDB

  • Master failovers for High Availability

  • Monitoring and backup solution automations

  • Automation of configurations and service deployments on various Open Source orchestrators like Kubernetes, OpenSVC, SlapOS

 Fully synchronous DB clusters 
  • The standard for highly available, multi-node, distributed database clusters

  • Full virtual synchrony with Galera for MariaDB / MySQL

  • Multi-Master Replication with MySQL

  • Synchronous Replication with PostgreSQL

 Prevention of transaction loss & performance 
  • High Availability and replication topologies differ between DB brands and chosen options

  • Similar to commercial DBMS, there exists a technical tradeoff between synchronicity and quick commit in a distributed system

  • We help you to define an optimal DB cluster topology combining speed and transaction-safe distribution

 Integration of proprietary solutions 
  • With legacy commercial DBMS (Oracle etc.), DB replication had sometimes been implemented as proprietary, i.e. non-standard

  • We help you to modernize your proprietary solution by replacing it with built-in replication of the respective Open Source DBMS, e.g. MariaDB / MySQL

  • Our high quality standards ensure that your new, simplified solution preserves the original functions

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