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Why migrate?

     Commercial systems and DB languages like Cobol®, Oracle® PL/SQL, Sybase® Transact-SQL and DB2®

          are great, solid, well-established systems. But people might consider some of them expensive,

              or even outdated.

It is now more viable than ever to modernize your databases, while  preserving your business applications! 

There are some new reasons to consider  upgrading your database infrastructure to Open Source: 

 Open Source has matured 
  • Enterprise-grade performance and scalability

  • Support is 24/7

  • Auditability and proper rights management

  • Wide range of monitoring tools

 Consolidation of your IT infrastructure 
  • Replace outdated replication and HA architectures with a unified, modern, sound solution

  • Reduce complexity by eliminating multiple DBMS versions

  • Reduce number of DB instances

  • Introduce unified monitoring

 Cost reduction and investment safety 
  • No vendor lock-in

  • Lower license / subscription cost

  • Lower TCO (Tocal Cost of Ownership)

  • HA and data distribution features included, i.e. usually no further purchase necessary

  • Consolidation of DB infrastructure results in further reduction of cost

 Cloud-ability and genericity 
  • Open Source license models encourage ad-hoc instance creation and multiplication

  • Container technologies work perfectly with Open Source

  • Variety of control and monitoring solutions available

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