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Long-term productivity

     According to our migration project experience, the following components are  key for successful adoption  of

         Open Source in long-term, especially for database applications:

              Feel free to contact us for more information!

 Embracing your team 
  • Your people are your asset!

  • We empower you in helping your team thrive.

  • Your existing database & application experts will be trained to handle the new Open-Source-based platform successfully

  • This includes DBA, application maintenance, DevOps, support, training & development

 Changing the mindset to Open Source 
  • Open Source means thinking freely - and way less in terms of (commercial) boundaries 

  • Technical availability & reliability is the focus

  • Compliance & 24/7 availability are fulfilled differently

 Migrating to the benefit of processes 
  • Software Engineering & test infrastructures can be shaped very freely

  • Backup & recovery benefit from flexible ad-hoc topologies

  • Problem Management (ITIL) in highly scalable, nearly zero-cost environments 

 Service Management with Open Source 
  • We help to define, validate and establish your application services based on Open Source DBs

  • This includes service descriptions & documentation of differences to the legacy commercial DBs

  • Enterprise-grade support enables for compliance of your infrastructure

  • Professional Incident and Problem Management (ITIL)

  • ITIL Continual Service Improvement is strengthened by Open Source culture and continuous, community-driven product improvements

 Setting expectations - and enhancing them! 
  • Open Source helps to overcome limits where there are none - contrary to many commercial DBMS

  • No typical CPU-based licenses

  • Less options to pay for, i.e. more features included

  • Think freely in terms of what your service needs, not in terms of limitations of what you pay for

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