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How we migrate your applications

After the introductory  free workshop  and your positive decision to

move forward, we recommend the following major steps:

 Migration Assessment 
  • Check doability & viability

  • Cost estimation

  • Define best way to migrate

 Proof of Concept 
  • Based on your business app

  • Well-known look & feel

  • Based e.g. on MariaDB instead of Oracle

  • Important functions are working

➜ We create a running prototype of essential functionalities of your system. It helps you to decide for scope & timeplan!

 We'll be glad to discuss details in an  online meeting with your team. 

➜ The solid analysis is crucial for a purposeful, successful adaption of an Open Source DBMS to replace the old one - within your existing business application!

 Contact us for more details. 

See also the description

of our free workshop.

 Full database application migration 
  • We preserve your business application

  • Well-known look & feel

  • Entirely based on new DB

  • All data is migrated to new database

  • All functions are migrated to new DB

  • Carefully prepared and validated  switchover from old to new database 

 Pilot phase 
  • Ensure smooth operation

  • We carefully help your DevOps team

  • We train your team members

  • We help to optimize any remaining issues, esp. regarding performance

For more information, we'll be glad to contact you via e-mail:

We migrate all the data,
metadata, database & application code, processes, backup & monitoring ➜

 Project-specific quality gates are applied  to minimize risks and ensure 

 Business Continuity. 

For smooth transition, we accompany & train your team also during the first weeks of operation ➜

 Contact us for more details! 

(Please hover on the steps to see more.)

Thank you for your trust with us!

Phone: +49 (431) 98288773

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