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Performance tuning

     Going way beyond hardware optimization, through proper indexing, materialization of data and performance

         tuning on server and I/O level, we regularly achieve significant performance improvements of (originally very)

              slow DB queries down to milliseconds! A short  consulting of only 2-3 days  can achieve more than a new hardware or cloud topology.

 Indexing for query optimization 
  • We analyze throughly the actual utilization of your database by the application

  • We consider already existing optimizations and balance out Read and Write loads

 Write-optimized indexing and I/O 
  • Usage of specialized storage engines where particularly efficient Writes are needed

  • Optimal coverage of attribute sets in indexes

  • Sound optimization of logical and physical layer of the database, incl. I/O workers etc.

 Materialized views for rapid querying 
  • Data materialization and query prefetching for an        efficient analytics (dispositive world)

  • Analytics and reporting based on your existing database

  • Spectacular query performance of few milliseconds


 Server performance tuning 
  • Analysis and optimization of server parameters

  • Optimization of hardware parameters, e.g. I/O scheduler, file system etc.

  • Identification and elimination of performance bottlenecks
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