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     Having migrated all data, metadata, application and database code, it is time to carefully switch your

         business application from the old legacy DBMS to the new Open Source DBMS.

              We do this  very carefully , preparing thoroughly all  forward & backward steps , identifying the

                    points of no return  in order to ensure business continuity for you.

Your business


Old DB


The same

 business app 

New DB

Your existing application is preserved - only the
DB access layer is adapted
 Preparation & validation of switchover 
  • We plan the switchover step-by-step together with your DBA and application teams

  • This includes forward & backward steps and points of no return

  • We apply thorough quality criteria based on numerous projects we've conducted

  • We analyze given conditions, circumstances and risks in order to minimize risks

  • We validate the switchover based on your test and live environments in agreement with your operations teams

 Conduct of switchover 
  • We plan and validate for smooth switchovers within regular maintenance window  of your IT infrastructure

  • Our live guidance during switchover helps to recognize risks and react accordingly

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