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Ulrich started his career as database systems developer in 1985, his first task being an authentication and authorization system for a DBMS. His major areas of work are data management and information security. Taking over responsibility for the SQL parser, he also got involved in the development of the SQL-92 standard. Starting in the 1990s, he worked as Senior Solution Architect and Enterprise Architect for various companies mainly in the area of Information Security. 

From 2009 to 2012 he worked as professor at the University of Applied Sciences Berne in Switzerland, lecturing on Information Management and Enterprise Architectures. His enterprise ZPK Moser offers consulting, business coaching and trainings.

Ulrich is regularly engaged as trainer und consultant for MySQL and MariaDB combining his expertise in databases with that in Information Security helping to plan and implement secure database and application operations.

Ulrich Moser

Gottmadingen, Germany

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